How does it work?

LiveShop is a unique video-chatting tool. It allows dynamic, interactive communication with customers, with on-screen virtual objects.

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Your specialist

The sales specialist conducts personal meetings online using a camera, microphone and a special, tailored touch-screen display. He or she can show information directly on the touch screen using hand gestures. This form of interactive communication is both naturally attractive and playful, and technologically advanced.


Your client

The client needs only a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access and, ideally, a microphone and camera. Where the sales specialist moves images on the screen using his or her hands, the client uses a keyboard or mouse.



In addition to conventional video-chat solutions, communication with LiveShop integrates dynamic objects, such as photos, illustrations, prepared and generated texts, simple control elements and complex forms. The sales specialist has access to superior sales and presentation tools, while the customer gains deeper insight, receives better tailored offers, and has more fun.

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Frequently asked questions

What internet connection speed does the customer need for smooth functionality?

Thanks to advanced technological features, LiveShop solution runs well on speeds beginning at 0.5 Mbps. Simple rule: if you can watch YouTube videos, your bandwidth is sufficient for LiveShop.

How much does the LiveShop solution cost? How can you purchase it?

Excellent question! The easiest way is to contact us directly. We will prepare a tailored offer to your specific needs.

Do you have any question for us?

Write to us or call us. We are keen to answer all your questions and if you want we can give you a personal demonstration of the LiveShop solution.


An original concept with endless possibilities

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How can I get Liveshop?

It´s very easy - contact us! During the meeting we will answer all your questions and show you the full LiveShop solution. Call us, write us, or come meet us in person or online in LiveShop!